Music School Reviews

Music school reviews from past learners

“Really enjoyable and great value course – has really boosted my confidence and demystified a lot of confusion I had about producing. Would highly recommend!” Phoebe d’Abo @PhoebedAbo

“The professionalism and tutoring styles from the instructors are second to none. Not only did we cover everything on the list, but any questions about other musical topics were covered and answered from the guys. A huge library of knowledge available! Never have I been on a more informative course tutored by guys as experienced as this. If you’re serious about musical production and getting your tracks the quality they deserve, any of their courses should be at the top of your ‘to-do’ list!” Pete Waidson

“The reason I took these courses is because I wanted to get more in-depth with different types of synthesis, sound design and programming beats. I’ve been working on music the whole time on the courses here and at home, putting the tricks and methods I’ve learnt into practice. I’ve found that the way I approach things now is different to how I did before. I learnt so much and find now I work in a kind of optimised way, not only saving so much time when I work on music by getting what I want quickly. I now just know what to do to improve a song with production. There’s so much more scope now, so many more options than I had before I did the SDP course in particular. Great tutors with experience, good teaching techniques, and well-structured lessons. I wouldn’t change anything on either course, and next I am going to take your mixing course.” Stefan Olsdal – Read interview

“I learned more in the first day at Garnish from a fellow industry pro than I did in a whole course at a large, non-specialised college from a career teacher” Cormac

“As someone from a teaching background, I was impressed with the structure of the course, how well it has been planned and how the tutors really care about giving you as much information as they can, generously imparting tricks & tips and sharing their experience and knowledge. You take in as much as you can and what is relevant to you. I certainly have come away with a few gems that will improve my recording work as a singer/songwriter and also make me more efficient in Logic. I loved it!” – Natalie Arnold

“Having a variety of tutors come in who specialise in each area that is being taught provides an invaluable wealth of specific knowledge, as well as keeping the course really interesting and engaging.  I’ve learnt more in this course in a week than I learnt at Point Blank in 3 months!” Craig Gordon

As a Singer/Songwriter, I was self-taught when it came to mixing, and although over the years I have worked out how to do a lot of things, getting a good mixdown always seemed to be where I was lacking. Trying to get your head around things like which compression circuit algorithms to use and surgical EQing when you’ve not had any formal training is hard. Now I have done this course I can now mix my own tracks to a real polished standard which I’m loving, because they sound great! AiNA – (Singer/Songwriter and Camden borough music production teacher)

“As an artist, being able to produce my own music and develop my own sound allows me to have greater creative control. This course has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to begin building my own productions and has given me valuable tips that I believe many seasoned Logic producers would not be aware of!” Christopha Gordon @flashgordonmc

“I thought the courses were pretty much perfect!” Adam Ficek

“Dave Garnish was our in-house producer/writer at Universal for a number of years, and the quality of his work was always outstanding. He’s smart, with an extensive knowledge of different types of music, which I’m sure will rub off at his school.” Mike McCormack – MD Universal Music UK

“Garnish’s staff are knowledgeable, patient and professional. I’ve learned more in the last few weeks with their tuition than I have in the last 5 years from mates and Youtube! If you’re looking to take your Ableton production skills to the next level, just add Garnish!” Brandon Block

“Quality of instructors is very, very high” Ben Hurd

“It’s nice to be taught by professionals in the industry with experience and knowledge, as opposed to teachers who’s institution say they are but they are not really! The course has definitely improved the way I see and use my music production” Isa GT

“Wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise in modern music trick-nology. Industry recognised instructors that talk the talk and can walk the walk. Don’t think twice book a course with the GMP!” Nick Burns

“the courses were everything I hoped for and more. I’m not interested in long academic courses and this was exactly the shot in the arm my music production skills needed. I researched courses for a long time before finding Garnish and there’s really nothing else out there like it. I’ll be doing the mixing course next after a break to put into practice all what I’ve learnt so far.” Russ Jay

“A lot of people study audio engineering at home and miss out on all of the basics and the reasons why we would want to do certain things to our music. This course really went into detail about all of my plugins I use and why I should use them. Definitely helped unlock the secrets of dynamic processing. Loved the use of different engineers to teach different styles! That was one of the best bits, getting different professional’s views and takes on gear, genre, and processing.” James Wrigley

“I took the Abelton Live 6-week beginners course and thought it a highly professional and thorough educational experience. The tutors were great, while the facilities and environment were perfect for such an undertaking. I will be returning, most likely for the Electronic Music course. Highly recommended if you are looking for a welcoming introduction to music production.” Simon Russell

“I started this course with next to no knowledge of logic at all but with the superb instruction I received, my knowledge has shot through the roof and I feel extremely confident I can now begin to produce the music I want. The course has been so enjoyable as everyone in the class was a delight to meet and thought the instructors were seriously magnificent. They making learning a very hard piece of software so much more enjoyable and easy. I would definitely take this course if I were you and considering music production.” Paul Withers

“I just want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your course. It was very insightful and intelligent, and I’m confident your expert tuition is going to really improve my writing! It was quite demanding as I didn’t stop all week, but it was worth the hard work and it was money well spent. Thank you so much. :)” Ritchie Stewart

“Watching online tutorials is one thing, the Ableton course at Garnish is another! Another that has taken my knowledge, awareness and appreciation for the ability and power of Ableton to a whole new level. The tutors share their skills, knowledge and experience in a coherent and structured way, helping at every stage. If you want to kick off your music production or take your knowledge of Ableton to the next level, you MUST attend this course!” Chris Fry @chris_fry

“I found the Ableton course highly enjoyable and informative. I went from knowing nothing about Ableton to putting together live sets and even my own tracks. The instructors were brilliant, and it was great to have two from completely different backgrounds. The class sizes are small so it’s almost like having a personal tutor in the sessions. It’s easy to ask questions or recap if you miss something. I would most definitely recommend this course to anyone who’s serious about getting to grips with Ableton and producing music.” Beat a Maxx

“I found the beginners Logic course really inspiring and completely relevant to what I am trying to achieve. In such a small time I have progressed immensely and now can have solutions for what I had been struggling with for so long. I have even leant how to record vocals properly too! Online tutorial videos were just bewildering and I wish I had done this course years ago. Next up is SDP and I can’t wait!” Sam Ball

“I already knew Logic so the SDP course was perfect for me to really get to grips with sound design. Highly recommend this course for any aspiring electronic music producer.” Acid Steve

“I wasn’t sure I would learn much from this course, having spent a lot of time reading about production, mixing and mastering, but the insight of experienced professionals (who are also great instructors) filled in countless gaps for me – making it plain I have to re-visit lots of my work which I thought I’d made the most of, but hadn’t.”  Rob Mills

“The course helped highlight some bad habits picked up over the years and I now have the confidence to shake them.” Terry Vietheer

“I think the Chart Music Production Course is useful if you want a great array of skills that are essential for all budding songwriters and producers in today’s world. Even if you don’t strictly produce music with the charts in mind (I don’t), this course will help you raise your production skills – and you’ll probably come away thinking about music slightly differently. The atmosphere in the class was informal, friendly and productive. To cover so much over a weekend is not easy, but Alex was happy to let the class’s interest and questions evolve the syllabus so that people came away feeling they had got what they came for.  Aside from the numerous production tips, I personally found it interesting and useful to gain a little insight into the way an established producer like Alex approaches his work, and approaches music in general.” Rob Mills

“I really enjoyed every second of the course and will try to take every new tool and tip on board. Already listening completely differently to songs on the radio and gonna read some more English books to improve my vocabulary.” Ruud Boon

“I can’t believe how much bigger my mixes sound now I’ve done the Mixing & Mastering course. Knowing how to mix like a professional engineer has even affected how I make music in earlier stages now. I can now master my mixes myself for playing out, and only use a mastering engineer now when the label’s paying! If you’re serious about learning to produce music, go to Garnish” Toby Tobias

“This is the second course I have done @ Garnish and both have proven to be invaluable. I would recommend this (Mixing) course to anyone irrespective of their music preference. The greatest benefit of the course (over any online courses) is the fact that due to the nice small classes you are able to solve problems/ask questions about your personal productions throughout, in conjunction you’re your newly acquired skills.” Paul Crognale

“A really good way of filling in the gaps of your knowledge if you dabble in production but want to learn how to use it properly – in-depth and taught well, so you to learn quickly and easily with loads of practical exercises and homework.” Tim Medcraft

“You’re getting taught by teachers who have been in the industry for a very long time, and have worked with some amazing people. They are not only showing you how to work the software, but also giving you tips and amazing advice.” Crysta Healy

“The tutors are very knowledgable and respond well when asked questions. This made it easy to understand the fundamentals and therefore made it simple to put them into practice!” Matthew Khabbaz @mattkhabbaz

“Good sized classes, easy to interact, well prepared and methodical learning” Yerosha Windrich

“I have been shown lots of shortcuts and different ways to make sounds soo much bigger better more full and exciting . I have shown people what I learned in a day which they did not know about and they have been using logic for years!” Luke Darling @shapesandls

“Before I did this course I already had a degree in mixing and mastering from a music conservatoire in Leeds and so I was worried that I may be going over old things I already knew. However, I found that although I already had prior knowledge of studio mixing, EQ and Compression etc. The course and its accompanying notes (Which were extremely thorough) helped me to consolidate and give clarity and confidence to the topics and techniques I had encountered before, as well as introducing me to many new skills and techniques. Money well spent. I am happy for you to use the quote on your website. I’d also like to give thanks to Al and Tom who were extremely knowledgeable and approachable throughout.” Matt Belmont  @matt_belmont

“Fantastic facilities and expert tuition from top class engineers/producers! Will defo be back for the Mixing and mastering Course.” Mark Tomlinson @EVSTomo

“The course was exactly what I needed to take my productions to the next level, pretty sure I’ll be signing up for the mixing & mastering course soon!” DJ Jeriko @djjeriko

“I have found every part of the courses extremely helpful, especially from a workflow and speed/productivity point of view.” Damien O’Reilly @dorbachov

“I think it’s really good for people starting out using programs like these and it’s a fast, easy way to learn the basics…and even the finer details to music production.” Stevie Fitchett

“The whole vibe of the place makes sense. We are not coming here to learn IT or accountancy, we are here to learn a skill that allows us to follow our artistic journey. That doesn’t mean there should be incense & crystals everywhere but it does mean that a relaxed & friendly atmosphere is crucial. This is supposed to be fun & at GSS it very much is.” Kitt Proudfoot

“I know your teaching methods are ‘future proof’ and you have some awesome teachers who can express themselves very precisely, perfect balance between theory and practice. It was an overall perfect impression and I wish you and your school all the best.” Stefan Splinter

“The tutors have been really clear in their explanations of all the different functions on Ableton, and always ensured that each student is given one to one time throughout the day in instances where we had any questions. They also showed us various means of doing the same thing in case we wanted to use different techniques when working on our own tracks.” Amy Dabbs

“It is unique and the lecturers are all excellent. 2 days a week and doing it evening only is perfect as it allows some time to digest and practise what has been learnt each week” Paul Crognale

“It’s an extremely friendly place with a positive attitude and a great array of instructors.” Flt. Lt. Nick Bell (aka AV8)

“The instruction was on point and the environment was conducive to learning. Instructors were friendly and approachable.” DJ Barrister

“I have found every part of the courses extremely helpful, especially from a workflow and speed/productivity point of view.” Damien O’Reilly @dorbachov

“The course is well taught and covers a lot of ground… good tips and tricks included from a top industry professional” Ben Hurd

Songwriting and performing has always been my thing but I’ve always been interested in the more technical side. A friend told me about Garnish School and their instructors so I booked their Logic course. It was just brilliant. The course was paced perfectly and I don’t think i’ve ever learnt so much in six weeks before. I’m finally very comfortable with Logic now and am getting ideas down on planes travelling to gigs” Robert Owens

“Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable and gave a great intro to how Ableton works. There is only so much you can learn by watching videos online or purely teaching yourself without getting into bad habits. The lessons were taught at a good pace and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about music production.” Kieran Doyle

“Ive been DJing for years now and realise that the only way to progress these days is to produce my own releasable music. As a beginner, I tried out some private tuition from a bloke I found on Gumtree. I wasn’t getting much out of it at all and I even started to question myself. I did the Ableton diploma course at Garnish after a friend recommended it. The course is brilliant, our instructor Irfan was amazing, his enthusiasm when teaching is something else. Also very comforting knowing that he had released a new dance album I was already well aware of. A great mix of people on the course, and per hour, only a third of the price of the private tutor I had in the first place! I’ve just finished my first track, it’s such a wicked feeling 🙂 I can’t recommend the course enough!”
Melvo Baptiste

“As a songwriter/producer I relied heavily on engineers for recording and mixing if I wanted to get my tracks sounding like masters. I always wanted to do more myself but struggled to learn anything watching an engineer zip around at 1000 mph! Then I found Garnish and did their Mixing and Mastering course. It was exactly what I needed, we covered everything I was unsure of in the past from using buses properly, EQ, audio compression and using specialist mastering plugins. Everything was explained and demonstrated in a way I understood. I never thought I’d ever be able get such great sounding tracks doing everything myself.” Ben Cullum


“I really enjoyed the course and the tutor, i’ve learned a lot and the course helped me to really enjoy using Ableton, and enable me to make full use of all the very important features of the software. I really want to do another course maybe the SDP in a few months.” Nicolas Fischer

“The teachers have so much realtime experience and are so knowledgeable- they translate that very well within the confines of the course – the best way to learn!” Samantha Heard

“It was incredibly informative, especially to someone completely new to Ableton, like myself. It has given me a very good grounding in being able to go and use the program now – instead of just staring blankly at it as I was doing beforehand!” Daniel Pinch

“Amount of information and the clarity of explanation is amazing to a newbie like me. Absolutely great programme! Yes!” Mohamed Manal

“A great way to improve your knowledge of Logic. It summarised the information provided extremely well to ensure it covered enough of everything. Some of the things included would even touch on expert knowledge, providing us with particularly useful little tricks to give you that little edge over other users who haven’t taken such a course.” Dewi Williams

“I have learned a lot of tricks, tips and things I haven’t even heard about before that helped me to be more creative with my productions and because it covered many aspects of music production such as sound design, rhythm, and arrangement” Veronika Davies

“Coming from a classical music training background, the course has provided me a whole new platform to work with and a completely different perspective from which to produce music.” Amaia Arbizu

“Excellent instruction; gave me a great working knowledge of Logic, quickly, fast-tracking me to the key functions so I could apply my learning immediately to my own music production. Fast progress!” Hannah Partington

“I already had a good level of knowledge of some of the areas on the course but the information was delivered at a pace that wasn’t too slow. The course was good for me as someone that already knew some theory and practical knowledge but wanted to know how to apply that theory in practical ways. I learned a lot of new techniques that have helped demystify some of the results I have been trying to achieve. The instructors are friendly and knowledgable.” Nick Lawson

“The course is incredibly informative and hands-on, using excellent demonstrations which are great to put into use at home straight after.  The course has improved my ability to critique music and mixing to a much higher level of detail than I was able to do prior to the course, and made listening to other artists far more interesting!” Piers Moth

“The course has helped demystify things that once confused me and were made worse by bad video tutorials and badly written magazines. I learnt more in a few days than I did reading all those magazines.” Savvas Fellas

“I appreciate the personal technique of teaching and the affable and approachable manner of the teachers. The facilities are top notch and the standard of knowledge conveyed is excellent.” James Randle

“The course was amazing. It’s the education I should have had at school. I have learnt so many new ways of writing and analysing. It was a fun course to do and I couldn’t believe that the lessons were all day as the time just flew by each time. I’ve found a new love for listening to Radio 1 which I lost many years ago. It was thoroughly enjoyable and Alex just has so much knowledge that he is happy to share with people. The course is terrific value for money. Everyone’s equality and diversity was recognised and everyone was treated with dignity and respect. If you only ever do one thing in your life, make sure it’s this course.” Mike Wheeler

“I discovered a lot of nice things that I didn’t know about like FM Synthesis, Granular Synthesis just to mention a couple. The wavetable lesson is really interesting and exhaustive even though I already about it” Edorado Latella

“The course was pitched at the right pace for me, and I found it easy to keep up with the content. The instructors were engaging, experienced, knowledgeable, and pitched the content perfectly between theory and allowing us hands-on practice. They both also had no problem revisiting bits of the course if asked to make sure we had a handle on what was being studied. Whatever your style of music, the techniques and content have something for any musician, amateur or pro. I’m used to performing live with a band but now feel confident that when I’m working with producers or creating from scratch in the studio. I know enough about the concepts and theory of production and how to make ideas a reality which will hopefully take me to the next level – great job, Garnish!!” Chris Dietz

“What a brilliant course! Quality teachers & quality information.  I am now fully confident that I can grow from making a lot of noise to great music production all in one week.” Carys G Daroy

“They have multiple tutors on each course who work in different areas of the business so you get a good variety of perspectives on how to use your DAW. In just six weeks you are able to fully understand and work the programme with great tips from industry professionals who really know their stuff. I now know that thanks to doing the courses at the Garnish Music Production School, I was accepted to do a degree at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin. These courses gave me the groundwork and experience I needed to further myself in the industry.” Jenny O’Malley

“I have learnt more on these courses than I did on my degree.” Anthony Kellaway

“Thank you for a fantastic songwriting course!! The days in London gave me a lot of inspiration. One small problem though: after the course, I feel like I want to “upgrade” all my old lyrics:)” Kjersti Sleveland, Norway

“This was a very well organised course, information given at a pace that seemed to allow a lot to be learnt without it being overloading or boring.” Gary Schofield

“The teachers and environment are very high quality. I’ve learnt so much and will be booking the SDP course next!” Leighanna Allen

“Extremely knowledgeable, friendly tutors who covered everything we would need to know to be equipped for music production. We are now musically armed and dangerous!” Rosie Neave

“Demystified a lot of processes and gave me a lot of info and tips of how to approach mixing my music.  Realworld approach – uses platforms and techniques available to me but also puts that into a commercial context.” Simon Alderwick

“It’s a great start for making you confident fabricating your ideas.” Jake Walters

“The instructors really know their stuff and knew the answers to every question asked. The course was very well structured; I was a complete beginner but found the content easy to understand. Really good course notes were provided and they were also easy to understand” Rawle Ramnath

“Great teachers, with new and cutting edge ideas for new kinds of productions.” Giorgio Reni (travelled from Mexico)

“Gives great insight into pro industry tips and techniques. Tutors are extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I now am definitely more confident about my workflow for mixing and mastering my own tracks, as well as trying it out for other artists.” Garry McCarthy

“The course covered an awful lot of material that would have taken me so much longer to learn on my own. It was interesting and all the tutors were very knowledgeable and approachable, putting up with my endless questions! At the end of the course, I feel I know my way around Logic and have the basics and concepts to build upon. I liked the breadth of the course, it covered a little music theory and synth sound generation as well as getting around Logic. It was a convenient location to get to, and I really enjoyed every session. I do think that although it’s not cheap, it’s not a year long course costing thousands of pounds. It’s shorter and more like a crammer which allows people to fit it in around their jobs. I only wish I had the time and money to do the songwriting course! Thanks again :D” Dr. Rosalyn Miller

“It’s a great course if you want comprehensive, informative, invaluable knowledge of Logic. It illustrates areas of Logic where you may have never encountered or thought about.” Renu Hossain

“The course was brilliant, the small class size ensured we received individual attention. Alex was very knowledgeable, encouraging and reassuring, so the nerves I had before the course disappeared. The content we covered was amazing, I wouldn’t have thought of the stuff  we covered in a million years. It made the course fee well worth it 10 times over!” Monica Holcombe

“I have attended two courses at Garnish: a summer school (Logic) and a 6 week course  (Mixing and Mastering).  A major benefit is learning complex principles in an accessible structured way that fits in with a busy London life.  The courses have given me access to knowledge that I would not otherwise have access to with a full-time job.  The teaching level is perfect and I would throughly recommend the courses.” Emma Hickman

“The course material is relevant and to the point. It enables the beginner to have a great understanding of how use Logic  in a short amount of time.” Kwame Richardson

“Alex is friendly, resourceful and very approachable. He creates a friendly, relaxed, non-judgmental environment where we all felt at ease. He is very passionate in what he does and that reflects very well onto the course. Alex has been very generous in sharing his knowledge with us, he always answered our questions in great detail and provided excellent, detailed and very honest critique on our lyrics (and any other material which we brought in even though it was not part of the course).

Before starting the course I was a bit skeptical about how much this course was going to give me in terms of knowledge. How wrong was I!!! I now feel like I’m a far better songwriter and looking back at my old songs I can clearly see where I was going wrong. It’s unbelievable that you can progress so much in such a short time of 6 weeks! I can now write lyrics and melody, which is on par with songs in the top 40 chart! The wealth of information given in this course, which you can’t find in any textbook or the Internet, the little but important tricks, and Alex’s exercises puts you light years ahead in terms of songwriting.

All in all, this course has exceeded my expectations by miles, I never in a million years expected to progress immensely and that so much information could be jam-packed in such a short time. I am very glad that I did this course; it was a real pleasure to work with Alex and to meet some fantastic people on the course!” Hakan Burcu

“I thought the course was really well-structured and a lot was covered over the six weeks. So many things I wanted to know where explained really clearly and concisely. Thought it was great having more than one lecturer too, so you got different perspectives on things. The pace was really good, felt like we whizzed through things and didn’t linger too long on any one topic. Also appreciated being given full notes on each session.” Lucy Underhill

“SDP is a game changer for any amateur producer looking to go pro!” Tom Dordoy

“I came into the Ableton course a bit worried as I had never used the program before, but was quickly put at ease by the friendly atmosphere. The instructors are great, really enthusiastic and patient. They’re happy to go over things again until you got to grips with it, and their knowledge and skills are inspiring. I have never been one for learning from a book or online tuition, and the hands-on approach of the course was perfect. Having the instructors there to help if you have any queries or even the other guys in the class were always happy to help each other out when they could. I left the course feeling confident about making my own tracks on Ableton and also DJing on Ableton.” Stuart Galloway
“You get a lot of fantastic information in a short space of time – but not too short!!” Natasha James

“It was a pleasure and honour learning from such talented and real people. People that are actually out there themselves ‘Practicing what they preach!'” Bradley Parsons

“Small groups makes for good one to one with tutor. Good building, good space. Great to be able to communicate so well with tutors.” Max Jones

“The content and pace is spot on, you cover so much but make it clear and easy to understand. I feel like Logic has been opened up to me and i wish I’d done it sooner. Thanks!” Ruth Anderson-Davis

“By week three I’d learnt more than I thought would have been possible in six. Tutors are great, I was never one for school, but have taken to this. The real impact is when I get home and am putting it into practice.” Andrew Bartlett @mcofthatboy

“I would highly recommend the course to any starting out Logic Pro user, every class is structured and broken down into easy, digestible steps, brilliant and helpful tutors” Ashley Plumpton

“Great content, really useful techniques that I think have saved me years of frustration on trying to figure out why my songs were “just not there”. Love the tools you gave us on melodic rhythm to provide contrast and build, and then release into the chorus learnt a lot about what makes a hit commercial song and what I can do to make my songs better.” Allan Cuevas

“I found the courses to have excellent content well delivered by great tutors. Everyone is happy to answer any questions you have no matter how silly they seem which is great when learning new material.” Mike Mackeeg

“I attended at mixing class at Alchemea college before I went on this one. Garnish’s mixing course had better practical learning whereas Alchemea is maybe too much theory not enough practical. Great course, great value, a must for all producers looking to raise their game.” Steve Morant

“The course teaches you the ins and outs of getting around Logic in a way you can understand and take the information in. Very helpful and friendly tutors.” Judah Adolphe

“The course was excellent. It’s like being handed a deluxe toolbox for songwriting that you will use forever. I have learnt so much about how to write quality and catchy songs. I know my songwriting practice will be changed for the better since I have done this course!” Christa Wright

“I always had to rely on others help to get reasonable sounding demos for my songs. Now after doing the Logic music production course, I am making great sounding demos all by myself from not knowing anything before really. The tuition was brilliant. I highly recommend this course.” Lauren Rogers

“Exposure to enthusiastic tutors and other students. Much better than just online training. Incredible six weeks of next level music production with enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutors…what more could you want?” Nick Garbutt

“Anyone interested in Logic needs to do this course. It’s a concise ice breaker to the environment taught by passionate industry pros that bring that extra special something of real life insight to the Logic workflow, as well as the industry.” JJ Barrett

“Great wealth of Knowledge and expertise passed on from teachers who are actively working in dance music. A great course that has empowered me to enhance my music and finish quality dance tracks.” Hayden Noel

“It was highly enjoyable and exceeded expectations and brought my attention to a lot of aspects of music not just solely Logic which was a bonus.” Keon Ghaharian – Logic “The course is affordable and gives face time with world class working producers which has provided a unique learning experience.  The opportunity to learn some key trade secrets from the best has saved me a lot of time and given me knowledge I wouldn’t have found on my own.” Keon Ghaharian

“The course is professionally run with experienced tutors who are approachable and enthusiastic about music in general. This allowed all the students to interact and learn in a more informal manner.” Ahmed Karrar

“I had Ableton for a while and had tried some online tutorials with mixed results. By the end of week two of this course I already felt leaps and bounds ahead of where I had been from online tutorials of online and having finished all weeks I think I can say it would have taken me a year or more on my own with tutorials.” – Sarah McCunn

“I can’t believe how much I learnt in just six weeks. I didn’t even know how to make a beat in Logic before and now I’m making decent sounding Dubstep tracks in Logic. I can’t wait for SDP!” Robert Marshall

“Great courses. Lots of relevant info and building blocks needed to make EDM” Tom Dordoy

“It is the perfect course for mixing, everyone should do this course before starting to mix seriously. Knowledge really is POWER!!!” J Anthony Packett

“I came onto the course knowing virtually nothing about the software, and finding the architecture of it totally alien, but within the first week felt like I had some in-roads to understanding it. The tutors are not only incredibly knowledgeable, they also have the skill to actually teach you about the software. The course is paced really well, allowing you to go away and practice what you’ve learnt each week. The class size is great, the tutors are incredibly helpful and friendly, and the school is easily accessible by public transport.” Nigel Truswell

I’d been reading manuals, learning the tricks from books, magazines, youtube reviews and much more. All of which are great, but the (Mixing) course I did with Dave took all this and put it into context, whilst making it real and usable straight away. The courses cover all angles of production in multiple DAW formats – a really in-depth powerhouse of knowledge that only the traditional sound engineers would share amongst themselves is now at my fingertips…. On top of that, this (mixing) course helped me take all the best and most powerful tricks I picked up while studying myself to a whole new level of awesome! Top notch! – Heady Stepper

“I feel like i have come out of the course with a lot more knowledge than I thought I would!” Robbie Linstead

“I found the instructors informative, helpful and passionate about the subject, and they were very willing to answer any questions I had. On the back of one course I intend to do another. Now the way I approach music making has changed and I have become more streamlined with the process.” Nick Wacey

“I did the SDP sound design course. If you thought Ultrabeat was just a drum machine or Sculpture was only good for simulating live instruments, think again! So many tips and tricks I wouldn’t have found in any manuals, books or tutorial videos.

When we get a gap in our schedule, I am going to do the Mixing and Mastering course.” Quintin Schlebusch

“Teachers are friendly and know what’s up in terms of what you need to learn out of a class. Also the structure in terms of progression and segmenting the courses over 6 weeks helps to retain info.” Arsoy Mustafa

“I found the Jake and Irfan very informed and informative! The course is perfect for beginners as it covers very basic things as well as going into lots of detail on other things. I thoroughly enjoyed the course :-)” Katrina Mcinley

“I would never have discovered all this by myself. A well-structured course with quite simply brilliant instructors.” Shaun Holmes

“I attended a music production course at one of the main London DJ schools before doing a course at Garnish. There really is no comparison; the experience at Garnish was much better, and I learnt so much more.” Tristen Gleed

“I learned more in 6 weeks than what I would have learned in 6 years if I was just relying on Youtube tutorials. Attending the course kept me motivated to keep working and the teachers were very good.” David Cuanaigh


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